The Studio Program offers Portland metro area students (ages 10 to 18) a stimulating and holistic learning experience while they create public murals and other community art. Our projects are designed to focus on critical thinking and problem solving as integral aspects of the learning process.

While working as collaborative art-team members, modeled after the dynamics within a professional art studio, students will learn a variety of artistic, academic, and life skills while becoming outstanding artists and more engaged community members.

We design projects that integrate with a school’s existing curriculum, or independent projects for youth groups and after school programs.

Studio Program Philosophy:

Research shows that without adding a creative approach to learning, today’s youth are neglecting to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills essential for navigating the modern world.

In response to that need, we created a multidisciplinary approach to education, one that encourages innovative thinking and mirrors the real-life learning process.

Our goal is to help create excellent artists, and more importantly, exceptional thinkers.